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Who Are We?

If you are searching for a new look to your interior spaces, you have come to the right place. Interior Design Yourself (IDY) is a new E-Design business, run by knowledgeable Interior Architecture and Design post graduates, offering affordable, flexible yet tailored online interior design services to help create your dream interior vision. We are on hand to help you, create what you need. Whether that be: a home office, bathroom or completely re-thinking the layout and function of your space. 


Working in close collaboration with you, IDY can develop a clear picture of your style preferences and design ideas along with any specific requirement for the functionality of the relevant space. Creating ideal solutions that are personalised. Delivering the design presentations through methods such as: styled mood boards with clickable links to products, 2D and 3D visual representations, shopping lists and many more. 


The process starts via an initial online questionnaire, sharing of any relevant images that reflect the desired outcome; as well as, the images and measurements of your space. Followed by, a short virtual consultation. Clearly differentiated design packages, allow customers to choose the right service to fit their budget. However, if you feel like the packages don’t fit your brief, talk to us and we can create a bespoke service for you. Our additional services can help take your design one step further. 

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Our team are dedicated to create your perfect interiors. 

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