Cut the Valentines Cliché - Using Red for a Look that Lasts

Updated: Feb 11

Swerve the clichés and tack this February. Why make a gimmick out of love and friendship this valentines or galentines day? When you can inject and invest in romance and richness in your homes that lasts longer than a day. Making a Sustainable Valentines. This is our take, on how we have added elements to create ever lasting love in the bedroom and living room to get the pulse-racing.

Red in interiors can often be daunting. By mixing it with the right shades, tints, tones and hues it will make it feel stylish and sleek. The look becomes manageable and creates a timeless appeal to any space that needs a warming feel.

Valentines Blue, Red, Green Living Room
Red injected Living Room

The various hues of red can convey very different emotions. Such as, using a vermilion pigment creates a feeling of danger, strength and power. But it can also suggest passion, desire and love. To add interest to a space, using different shades can create a warm and inviting setting. It can raise energy and excitement, through stimulating conversations.

By injecting pops of red hues and shades of the romantic colour ways it can create a mature, classic look. Layering in textures, like woods (walnut), fabrics (velvets, linens, wools), and patterns (soft geometrics, florals) can really help to dramatically change a mood of a space. Rather than going in with walls painted red, use it as an accessory colour to enhance a sophisticated, glamorous space. We chose to add it as a contrast to the richness of greens and blues, which helps to balance the reds (like the berry, burgundy and crimson). Red doesn’t have to be centre of the show, it can be used with neutrals and plains, rather than letting trends dominate your space.

Blue, Red and Green valentines bedroom
Pulse-racing, Valentines Bedroom

Lighting is a great way to add a focal-point and statement to a room. It can help to create an excitement to the space, drawing your eyes around the room. Using neon lighting is an uplifting way to personalise your room by adding a pop of colour. Evoking a sense of cosines and playfulness too. Making a sophisticated scheme.

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