How to Create the Autumnal Look on a Budget

Just recently over the past couple of days I have started to notice the colourfulness of the leaves changing outside my window. The vivid oranges, browns, ochres and the fading greens. The days are becoming dark and crisp. The log burner has well and truly been warmed up and is ready to be lit through these hibernating months.

I don't know about you, but every year I look at the autumn additions in magazines, Instagram or on Pinterest at the enchanting and cozy homes and interiors and wish that I could swap things into my spaces to provide the sense of warmth without breaking the bank!

Images taken & chosen from Pinterest

We have recently created our autumn inspired instagram posts (above). But I wanted to put together a post to really show off some of the tips and finds for this ever changing season to keep you cosy. Enjoy...!

Layers & Texture:

By bringing out the blankets and having them ready to grab in a woven basket storage like the ones suggested below will be perfect for those chilly evenings on the sofa. Why not pop a few more cushions on there too to cuddle up with. The warmth of the woven basket adds texture to spaces and brings the nature inspiration in. As does introducing other wooden textures such as logs around the fire place, where the bark brings in natural hues.

Another tip, if you're like me you may like having sheer/voiles curtains up during the summer; swap them out for thicker heavy curtains to contain the heat in your spaces. Not only will this keep you warm but it will help with your energy consumption.

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Light & Colour:

The dark mornings and dark evenings mean we cannot rely so much on the beauty of natural light. But do we understand the need for seasonal lighting, when we have not used it for so long?

Often in interiors the core function of lighting is dismissed for aesthetics (which of course matters too). But does your current lighting help you with your day to day routines? Including layers within your lighting scheme means: dimmable overhead and wall lighting (optional). Task, table and floor lamps too, these are there to help you see. Especially what's on your lap when sitting on the sofa. They are more ambient options to create the cosy atmosphere, but that also depends on the coloured bulbs you choose too. Go for brighter white lights for task lighting and warmer softer light bulbs for your table and floor lamps. But that's a choice for you to make. Take a look at your lighting and see if you need to make any adjustments to be able to see this autumn/winter.

Or even consider adding more accessorised lighting in your schemes, such as battery powered strings of lights through your dried flower displays (raid your mothers garden like I do). Or purchase something that will appeal to (almost) all of your senses, such as a warming infused candle.

Image from Unsplash

The leading roles for colours during autumn are of course the saffron reds, oranges and browns. However, we are loving the rich autumn tones this year through the plum, khaki greens, charcoal blues and the dark woods like walnut. Drawing from the rustic tones naturally found around. Ways to include these into your interiors could be through swapping art prints out, and bring some autumnal ones in. Or changing a few of your prominent cushions to suit the season.

Why not try to re-create some of the tips above in your own homes these coming weeks!

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