Our Guides To Help You:

Follow our guides to help you with the E-design Process. This page details how to take photographs of your space and how to provide measurements, through floor plans and elevations. If you have any questions, pop us a message. Best of luck!

Photographing your Space
Please try to avoid sending blurry images.

Step 1 photos.png


Choose a corner of the room to stand in.

This process will be done in a clockwise motion to avoid confusion.



Photograph from right to left 

Take 3-5 photos of the room. Creating a panorama view.

Step 2 photos.png
Step 3 photos.png


Stand in the next corner

Repeat the above step, in a clockwise direction. 


Stand in the centre of the room

Once the above steps have been completed, stand in the middle of the room and take 2-3 images of the faces (facades) of each wall in the room.

In these photos include the ceiling and flooring. As well as any existing lights or details such as a fireplace.

Step 4 photos.png

Guide to Measuring
A guide to creating Floor Plans and Elevations. If it is possible you may need a second person to help you hold the tape measure.



- A tape measure (or if you have a laser measure that     would be a helpful tool)

- A pencil or a pen

- Grid or plain paper (if you don't already have a floor   plan available)

- The symbols below

Creating a Floor Plan 



Do you have any plans or estate agents plans? Great, if you do. Use these to add your measurements too. If not, draw out a rough shape of your space from a birds eye view perspective. Check the orientation of the sun and mark this on the page.


When measuring the windows include the frame - edge to edge. Then the moulding separate.



Measure the overall length and width of the room - corner to corner.  Make note of the ceiling height too.


Make sure you measure and add to your diagram the gaps between windows and walls.


Ensure you measure all doorways and windows and mark them on the plan. Measure from the outside trim, and mark the direction they open (use the symbols above to help).


Measure the overall dimensions of any architectural features like fireplaces or any built in features and add to your plan. Also map any electric outlets, switches, radiators, exposed pipes and any other details

Creating Elevations

outbuilding south .jpg


Stand in the centre of the room


Face each wall in your room and draw out the features you see on each wall. Make sure you measure window heights, door placements and radiators. Make note of sockets, wall heights and ceiling heights. Also include features like a fireplace and overall dimensions of these. 


Measuring Inside Window Recess

Take the width of the visible window frame for the top, middle and bottom, recording the narrowest measurement. Repeat for the height (drop), both sides and the middle recording the smallest measurement.